MicMol - BloomBee - LED Grow Lights

Nowadays, most people are need the high watts LED lighting to grow they plants. They wasted more electric used for the good harvest. Actually for the plants growing is need the right spectra and time. We design the BloomBee Series which is use the unibody auto radiating system to solve the heat dissipation. It's can keep the lighting working good and reduce the energy loss. And the special diamond Lens (99% Purity) is keep all the lighting can illuminated out, so that the plants can absorb higher purity spectra. So we can save money to grow your plants fast and harvest simultaneously protect our environment, that is what we pursue. bloombee - led grow light BloomBee LED Grow Lighting Features.

The 10watt high power LED of the brands from Epistar & Bridgelux.
High PAR value, great for the plants growing.
Simulate honeycomb elements for the ventilation vents, less heat.
Energy saving and powerful which is better for protect our planet.
Two switches, control the veg & bloom.
UL High quality fans on back run against heat.
The unibody cooling design easy and fast solve the heat for the whole light.
Full spectrums with the Secondary Lens which is over 2 times power than the HPS.
Made by scientific and orderly, to be sure all parts with no mistake. almost no need maintain.
Hanging kits included, easy installing your lights.
Over 50,000 hours lifespan.
3 years warranty plus 60 days satisfaction or return guarantee.

Two switches - Three ways control.

VEG: To provide the excellent vegetative for growth period.
The VEG switch will emit an overall spectral output that is best suited to vegetative growth during the early stages of plant life all the way up until flowering.

BLOOM: To expand flowering in the blooming period
The BLOOM switch is a booster that is always to be used in conjunction with the VEG switch in order to shift the spectral output to the bloom stage.

The dual light spectrums to provide super vegetative growth and the flowering stage.


The most important concept with indoor horticulture is not only watch your plants, but to tune into them! Great care must be shown when properly acclimating young or new plants to our LED grow lights as they are extremely intense. Remember that with young plants less is more and to always make sure the leaves are happy and pointing skywards toward the light. If while acclimating, the leaves show any signs of curling or overall stress, please raise the light until the problem is solved.

Seedlings and Clones - 32” - 38” - VEG switch only
Early Vegetative Growth - 22” - VEG switch only
Late Vegetative Growth - 22” - VEG and BLOOM switches together
Flowering - 16” - VEG and BLOOM switches together

Attention please:

Indoor use only, not water-proof.
The IR (Infra Red) diodes looks dim, this is normal, don`t worry.
Extremely bright, do not look directly at the LED bulbs when the light is working.
The light designed unfixed optical lens, better for reflected light source, when shaking the light it will have slightly rustling, its belongs to normal.
Any problems of lights, please contact us freely, we will service you till satisfaction.