Drop is a brand-new desktop Micro-Landscape concept that seeks to enhance life with colorful elements so that we always feel at ease.

This is a natural, contemporary, and imaginative micro-scenery ecological lighting system that works well with a range of ecological glass micro-scenery bottles. Because it is adjustable, it may be used for both creative creation of various heights and plant growth. You may create whatever kind of ecological micro-scape you choose by combining the dimmable controller, and distinctive water drop shape design.

Timer Controller

The Drop comes with a dimmable controller that runs on a 24-hour cycle every day. Setting up the schedule and adjusting the illumination intensity is simple and customizable.

Tech Specs

Model: D-10

Lamp Size: Diameter 55 * 40mm

Stand Size: H:40~20 Adjustable * L:20 * W:14cm

Net Weight: 0.5 Kg

Input Voltage: 5V-2A

LEDs: 9pcs - 5730 White + 3pcs - RGB

Control: Dimmable Controller

Whats in the box

Drop Light
Charging Cable (1.5 meter)
Viewing Stand
User Manual

Notes: USB power adapter does not come with the product.

Please separately purchase a 5V-2A USB adapter available on the market.