We have redesigned BloomBee X from the inside and outside, using the totally new design, the X-Bar frame as the basic instructure, and the inside wiring and connection have also re-builded as a new structure. All the changes make the stability and heat dissipation of the light's body even better. The newest spectrum layout and the controllable Bloom and Veg switches which are good for more professional plant growth and efficient growth.

  • The BloomBee X is finely tuned full spectrum, and high dispersion secondary lenses gives your plants the most efficient spectrum on the market today. The BloomBee X redesigned the space distance, it's saving the power energy, which gives you the ability to deliver your plants the desired level brightness for a happy and healthy growth.

  • The latest BloomBee X features an advanced cabin structure design. Each layer is assembled in a pullable manner, which allows the entire lamp to have excellent heat dissipation and a convenient assembly process. The simple assembly design makes it easy to clean and maintain the lighting's inner-side. The excellent X-Bar frame can better extend the integrity of the lamp body. The unique shape design makes the BloomBee X look as cool as a spaceship.

    The BloomBee X is very superior in both cooling and lighting applications. This is a terrific structural design with unparalleled performance and superior spectrum. The all-new designed BloomBee X is the best grow lighting for your plant growth.

    The 10watt 56mil big chip high power LED of the brands from Epistar & Bridgelux.
    High PAR value, great for the plants growing.
    Energy saving and powerful which is better for protect our planet.
    Two switches, control the veg & bloom.
    UL High quality fans on back run against heat.
    The unibody cooling design easy and fast solve the heat for the whole light.
    Full spectrums with the Secondary Lens which is over 2 times power than the HPS.
    Made by scientific and orderly, to be sure all parts with no mistake. almost no need maintain.
    Hanging kits included, easy installing your lights.
    Over 50,000 hours lifespan.

    Veg: To provide the excellent vegetative for growth period.
    Bloom: To expand flowering in the blooming period.
    Veg & Bloom: The veg & bloom dual light spectrums to provide super vegetative growth and the flowering stage.

    Item No.: BBX1-1240W
    Actual Power: 250W
    Bloom Power: 115W
    Veg Power: 135W
    HID Equivalent: 1400W
    LEDs: 10W (56mil Big Chip)
    Total Diodes: 124 * 10W
    Modules: 4
    Diodes per Module: 31
    Secondary Lens: 90°
    Spectrum: 14 Band
    Coverage: 4' * 6'
    Weight: 4 KG
    Dimensions: 800*250*65mm
    Packing: 900*320*110mm
    Input Voltage: AC 100-240V

    Item No.: BBX2-2480W
    Actual Power: 500W
    Bloom Power: 230W
    Veg Power: 280W
    HID Equivalent: 2800W
    LEDs: 10W (56mil Big Chip)
    Total Diodes: 248 * 10W
    Modules: 8
    Diodes per Module: 31
    Secondary Lens: 90°
    Spectrum: 14 Band
    Coverage: 6' * 8'
    Weight: 8 KG
    Dimensions: 800*500*65mm
    Packing: 900*570*110mm
    Input Voltage: AC 100-240V

    Item No.: BBX3-3720W
    Actual Power: 750W
    Bloom Power: 345W
    Veg Power: 405W
    HID Equivalent: 4200W
    LEDs: 10W (56mil Big Chip)
    Total Diodes: 372 * 10W
    Modules: 12
    Diodes per Module: 31
    Secondary Lens: 90°
    Spectrum: 14 Band
    Coverage: 8' * 10'
    Weight: 12 KG
    Dimensions: 800*760*65mm
    Packing: 900*830*110mm
    Input Voltage: AC 100-240V